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  • Company Introduction: Company Introduction Gelato started out on the table as a fine dessert served in the European courts of the Renaissance. Precious sculptures of brittle with fruit sorbets, or elaborate molds filled with flavored creams with flowers and spices adorned sumptuous banquets in honor of European notables and rulers. Today gelato is back on the table thanks to the skill of chefs, pastry artisans and Carpigiani technology: a whole range of machines that can offer solutions for every need. Gelato and sorbets from appetizers to dessert, with refined or classic flavors. With the help of Carpigiani technology it is possible to add an extra touch to the menu, allowing you to fully express your creativity in the kitchen and with amazing results. Don’ t forget that gelato has a food cost that is generally lower than other products and a significant marginality. Just one more reason to add it to your menu. Adding new equipment to small kitchen spaces or increasing the number of products isn’t easy. This is why Carpigiani has created a range of foodservice machines that offers the perfect solution for every need. Gelato is a world to be discovered and rediscovered, and our experience is available to make everything easier.
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