Membership Categories

Professional Members

Professional Members are practicing chefs, chef/patron, pastry chefs and butchers, INCLUDING individuals who are employed by industry-related butchers, INCLUDING individuals who are employed by industry-related suppliers and companies; or are self-employed as suppliers and/or industry-related companies.

Annual Subscription Fee: $600

Corporate Members

Corporate Members are organizations or companies which are food or ingredients suppliers, equipment suppliers, services providers, or culinary industry related product or services providers. Corporate Members can enjoy special discount and priority treatment for promotional activities and advertisement placement with us; you will have your own page in the Partnership section to promote your new products or services to members!

Annual Subscription Fee: Yr 1 - $3,500; Yr 2- $3,000; Yr 3 & thereafter - $2,500

Associate Members

Associate Members are individuals who are related to the culinary industry, or who simply support the mission of HKCA and want to be part of this caring network.

Annual Subscription Fee: $800

Young Professional Members

A Young Professional member is a young chef who is aged 18-25, with less than three years full-time employment. A Young Professional member will progress to Professional Membership upon completion of three years full-time employment or when they reached 25yr of age, which ever come first. They are entitled to join the YCC events and activities, or join the HKCA events for free or with special rates.

Annual Subscription Fee: $300

Young Chefs Club (HKYCC) Member

Students that aged 18-25 at the time of application/renewal; currently enrolled in a culinary- or hospitality-related post-secondary program in Hong Kong can join as HKYCC Member. On getting full-time employment, he/she will progress to become the Young Professional Member and the category subscription fee will apply. They can join the activities and events of the Club, or by nomination, join the HKCA events for free or with special YC rates. This category of membership does not have voting rights at HKCA.

Annual Subscription Fee: $200