President's Message August.2023

Dear Members,


I am truly humble to be re-elected again as President 2023/2024 and to address you all with my message.


As we move forward with the pandemic behind us, suggestions generated during the past year and at AGM, we are working to accomplish our goals. Ideas, feedback, are vital for our Association moving forward. I encourage you to stay engaged, attend our upcoming events, and contribute your expertise to enrich our culinary community.


Looking ahead as chefs, we must continually strive to enhance our skills, broaden our knowledge, and stay updated with the latest industry trends. Let us seize every opportunity for professional development, whether through workshops, seminars, or international collaborations. With improvements, we can bring fresh ideas and techniques back to Hong Kong, further enriching our culinary landscape.


I encourage each member to actively engage in community outreach initiatives. As culinary ambassadors, we can make a positive impact beyond the kitchen. Let us collaborate with local schools, charitable organizations, and other associations to promote healthy eating habits, sustainable practices, and culinary education. Together, we can inspire the next generation of chefs and foster a culture of culinary excellence.


Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge our sponsors, partners, and supporters for their continuous support and commitment to our association. Your generosity and belief in our mission enable us to organize meaningful events, provide educational opportunities, and nurture the growth of aspiring chefs.


Lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the executive committee, committee members, newly elected members and volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to the Association. Your passion and commitment are instrumental in driving our organization forward. I encourage all members to actively participate in our activities, share your expertise, and contribute to the sustainable development of the Hong Kong Chefs Association and the industry,


In conclusion, let us take the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with unwavering determination and a passion for culinary excellence. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and continue to bring Hong Kong's culinary scene to new heights.


Thank you once again for your continuous support, and I wish you all a successful and fulfilling year ahead


Culinary Regards

Daniel Menezes

President 2023/2024

Hong Kong Chefs Association