President's Message December.2020

Dear Members and Friends,


Seasons’ greetings!  This year has been like no other. It may seem hard to celebrate, but perhaps we can appreciate some good that has come out of 2020.   This has been a year where we all became more proficient with online tools and social media, where businesses learned to adapt and become more creative to meet the challenges, and perhaps most important of all, we all spent a great deal more time with our families and loved ones than in a very long time.


As the saying goes, “hindsight is twenty-twenty”.  As we near the end of 2020, I hope that we can put this past year behind us and look forward to a better, brighter future.  We remain hopeful at the news of COVID-19 vaccines on the way; the recovery from this pandemic cannot come soon enough.  The hospitality industry took a severe beating this past year, not only in Hong Kong, but all around the world.  Our profession, our entire way of life struggles to adapt to the new realities we must face.  Yet, we are not alone. Hong Kong has endured through numerous crises; world war, recessions, civil unrest, and yes, even pandemics. Each time, it was believed things could never get worse, and yet we all pulled through and have grown stronger for it. I trust that we will do so again

As a responsible member of the community, the Hong Kong Chefs Association has refrained from organizing events or gatherings, so that we do not add to the problem.  It has become all too clear what happens in places where people recklessly ignore simple safety measures such as washing hands frequently, wearing face masks, or avoiding large gatherings.  


Despite the best efforts of all, Hong Kong has been rocked by the fourth wave of the coronavirus.  It remains uncertain how long this latest wave will last.  As a result, we have decided to postpone our beloved annual Fondue Night; to do otherwise would be inappropriate and irresponsible.  We will arrange another gathering as soon as the situation allows and will keep you informed.  


However, all is not doom and gloom.  A number of events are in the works for 2021.  We remain hopeful of the return of HOFEX and the Hong Kong International Culinary Classics in May, and the restart of the Mentorship Program.  


In November, the Hong Kong Chefs Association celebrated the success of our Culinary Team in the Chinese Cuisine World Championship, held virtually.  In this world of firsts, our team took eight golds and one silver, winning the best-organized team award.  I know you will join me in extending our deepest respect and appreciation to our team members for their hard work and sacrifice to keep our association’s fires burning brightly both at home and abroad.  


In the spirit of this season of giving, I trust you will find time to spend with your families and loved ones.  Keep safe, keep healthy, and have a peaceful and Merry Christmas.  Let’s get ready to turn the page witha renewed forward focus for 2021!


Warmest regards,





Francis Lo

President, Hong Kong Chefs Association