President’s Message – April 2017

President’s Message – April 2017

Dear Members, Partners, and Friends,


Last year was my first year to be the president of the Association. It has been a year of learning and hard working. I am blessed to have a passionate and dedicated Committee to work side by side with me, serving our members and the culinary industry. Special thanks to our members, sponsors, partners, and friends for joining us at our many activities and as volunteers to serving the community. Please go to our website’s RESOURCE section, the “2016-17 HKCA & HK Team Report” will take you through our busy and exciting 12 months.

過去一年初任香港廚師協會主席,戰戰兢兢, 我懷着謙卑,學習的心,努力耕耘,我非常慶幸有一班專業、熱心嘅委員會團隊,各施所長,一粧一件和我一起服務每一位會員。我也感謝每一位會員、贊助商、義工朋友和合作伙伴在過去一年,與我們並肩作戰,服務社會。請到我們網站的資源中心參閱「2016-17年度總結簡報」與你重温過去精采的一年

On April 11, during our Annual General Meeting, a new Executive Committee is elected, with additional members to focus on enhancing our membership services and communications. We have drafted an initial plan for 2017/18, please come and visit the HKCA website, you will find the ”2017-18 HKCA Committee Plan” at the RESOURCES section. We are here to ask for your valuable input, to help us to refine the plan, to develop the Association and to serve the Hong Kong community. 


HKCA is a family for chefs - whether you are an apprentice, a chef in a local "cha chaan tien", a Chinese, Western, Japanese, Philippines or Indian cuisine chef – we invite you to join our Association, together we strive to excel the chef profession through sharing, learning and community services.


On behalf of the Committee, we thank you for your trust and empowerment. 



At your service,


Eddy Leung, President