International Chefs Day 2014

Dear Chefs, Friends and Colleagues:


The 11th International Chefs Day  2014 was again a success and again we had over 120 participant/volunteers who have given us their support and sponsored  , food items, provided logistics, equipment and utensils and most of all given us your valuable time.


As in the past we cooked a buffet for over 800 people + 970 lunch Box who are mentally challenged or socially left behind in our fast growing brave new world.


We the Hong Kong Chefs Association are very humbled and happy at the overwhelming respond from our members and friend and the enthusiasm and cooperation, seeing chefs from over 20 different establishments, a variety of suppliers, friends and supporters coming together and work as a team to bring a bit of sunshine on the faces of those people.


We did made a difference in their life and even it is only for one day it makes us aware of our surroundings and we are much richer at heart.


Once again my sincere thank you to all of you, it is great to be a part of the caring Hong Kong Hospitality Industry


Happy International Chefs Day and Happy cooking

Mak Kam Kui


Hong Kong Chefs Association