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Bread brings together the four elements of nature. The Earth where our wheat grows and our salt nurtures, the Water who hydrates every dough and every plants; the Air where our natural yeast evolves, lifting our loaves; and the Fire from the sun who ripens our cultures and provides heat to our earth ovens. Baking layered dough is taking these elements into a very particular and ephemeral art form where precision and discipline are of rigor, only to transform into the most delicate and flaky baked goods you’ll ever come across, disappearing within minutes as you place them on the table…
LAYERS features the know-how for layered dough such as croissant, puff pastry and regional specialties such as ensaimadas or galette des rois. Bread, viennoiserie, desserts and even savory dishes - there is something for every day and for every taste!

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