Never Skip Dessert

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Never Skip Dessert - Gregoire Michaud embarks you in an inspiring sweet momentum, revisiting essential classics in a tasty and visual way, keeping what should be crispy and warm the way it should be true to the food. From tantalizing berries creations to addictive chocolate sweets, passing by cheese alternatives, Never Skip Dessert covers different techniques used in today s pastry making such as sous-vide cooking and pressured canisters as well as developing ways to enhance your desserts with spices, herbs, smoked foods or natural essential oils. Whether as plated desserts, family style treats or mignardises, you ll find a gourmandise for every occasion in Never Skip Dessert. Whip up these exciting creations at home or at work in no time and impress your guests each and every time, bringing back sweet childhood memories in front of their amazed eyes.